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We deliver exactly the wood you need for your application.

We deliver exactly the wood you need for your application. We are experts in trading wood. But we are also experts when it comes to the professional use of our wood. After all, once our wood has been installed, our customers must be able to rely on the fact that there will be no unpleasant surprises. Not all wood is the same. Especially when it comes to processed wood products. Take advantage of our more than one hundred years of experience in the global timber business. For your advantage.
Timber and building materials trade

Wood as a building material: inexpensive and versatile

We supply the timber and building materials trade with its material: whether it is plywood, softwood lumber or wood for use in the garden. We offer all kinds of wood products and fiberboards. In complete or combined loads, in packages or individually. Reliably delivered. Because we know that in construction, the reliable delivery date is practically as important as the material itself.
Planing mills and timber industry

Good wood quality for you means good product quality for your customers

At the end of further processing, a high-quality end product is only created if the starting material was also good. To achieve this, you not only need to know which wood is best to use for which application; you also need to consider when exactly it is available and at what price. We will be happy to advise you on the various properties of the woods you want. Likewise, we are at your side when it comes to the various possible uses. And we also know the alternatives if the desired material is not available in the desired quantities or prices.

Packaging industry

Optimal packaging solutions for safe transport

We know the requirements that are placed on wood as a packaging material. Both in terms of product technology and price. From us, you get the right raw material for all the boxes and packaging you make. We will be happy to advise you on which softwood lumber, plywood or fiberboard is best suited for use in dry, humid or outdoor environments. And we'll make sure your packaging materials arrive on time.
We will be happy to advise you on your individual project with our know-how!

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