Wood is nature – to protect our environment is our obligation.

The sustainable raw material wood brings economy and ecology in harmony.

How can one consider at the same time environmental protection and economic interests? It’s simple: with the natural, renewable, pollution-free, CO2-neutral and sustainable raw material wood.

Of course, forest hitting of wood is an intervention in the nature – but if this is done responsibly, forest ecosystems can afford as their recreation, protective and economic function anyway, produce oxygen and serve as water and carbon dioxide storage.

Even Germany is covered about one-third by forest – and the stock is increasing, because according to the Federal Forest Act no more wood can be taken out than grows. Wood is available to all of us as a constantly growing raw material – and not just in Germany. More and more countries around the world recognize the importance of forests as ecosystems and bring it into line with the economic use.

There are now two competing certificates, FSC® (FSC® C108302) and PEFC, which have been launched with the aim of a responsible forest management:

  • FSC: Issued by the Forest Stewardship Council® it has the aim to distinguish ecologically friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable management types of forests. The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent and charitable non-governmental organisation and was founded in 1993 as a result of the conference „Environment and Development“ in Rio de Janeiro. Today the FSC is present with national working groups in more than 80 countries. Specifically this means that in a forest managed by FSC directives trees are removed very carefully to affect the ecosystem as little as possible. Moreover, the rights of the people living in the forest are respected, so that the forest management is carried out all together for the purposes of in and from the forest living people, but also plants and animals.
  • PEFC: Another approved certificate is the PEFC certification (PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). The companies who are certified according to PEFC show engagement for the environment and take over responsibility for the sustainable use of wood resources. It is a holistic concept that stands for a transparent and completely comprehensible, sustained and controlled processing chain.

Ludwig & Co. supports these goals and provides wood with FSC certificate. By the purchase of certified products we and our customers contribute to a responsible contact with the global forest resources.